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Saturday, October 10, 2009

~ Non-duality as illustrated by Rumi ~

Non-duality as illustrated by Rumi

Gah dar talab-e vasl, moshavash baasheem
Gaah az ta'ab-e hejr, dar aatash baasheem
Chon az man-o to, een man-o to paak shavad
Angah man-o to, bee man-o to, khosh baasheem

At times we seem disturbed on the path of union.
At times we scorch in the fire of the pain of separation.
When this illusion of you-and-I disappears from me-and-you
Then me-and-you, without the veil of you-and-I, will live in bliss

(Blessings to Leslie-Ann Thomas for this . . .)

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